Previous Local Plan Consultations

Since 2014 the following consultations have taken place to help inform the new Local Plan.

Local Plan Issues and Options & Vision, Aims and Objectives – July 2015

Early consultation on:

  • a vision for how the Borough will develop over the Local Plan period and supporting aims and objectives; and
  • 6 broad options (but 3 rejected) for where to locate growth across the Borough

A Sustainability Appraisal was undertaken to assess the advantages and disadvantages of the 6 potential growth options – itself informed by a Scoping Report.

Site Selection Methodologies Consultation – November 2015

We consulted on two emerging site selection methodologies (in late 2015) to select housing, employment (including mixed use) and minerals sites. 

Revised  Draft Vision, Aims and Objectives – March 2016

Consultation on revised vision, and supporting aims and objectives, taking account of comments from previous consultation in July 2015.

Homes  and Settlement Consultation – March 2016

Consultation on the proposed number of new homes we are planning for and how we think they should be distributed around the Borough.  Based on planning for 920 homes per year, it gave proposed numbers for individual settlements.

A Sustainability Appraisal was undertaken to re-assess the advantages and disadvantages of the potential growth options consulted on earlier in July 2015 but concentrating on the 3 options considered as the more realistic.  The appraisal also assessed the Homes and Settlements paper.  The Scoping Report was also updated.


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