Local Plan - Site Selection Methodology Consultation

Doncaster Council is preparing a new Local Plan that will have a big influence on the amount and location of new development across the borough in the period up to 2032.

Housing and Employment Site Selection Methodology & Results Consultation (June 2018)

The Council is currently consulting on the conclusions of our two site selection methodologies which set out how we have selected housing and employment sites (including mixed use) for the new Local Plan. To ensure the Local Plan proposes the most sustainable development allocations, that are in conformity with national planning policy, and will deliver the plan’s vision and objectives, the site selection methodologies have been developed and followed consistently.

The methodologies set out a number of stages that sites have been assessed against, including the legal requirement for Local Plans to take account of Sustainability Appraisal (including Strategic Environmental Assessment). They also now identify which sites are being proposed for housing, employment and minerals and these are the proposed sites we are now seeking views on as part of this consultation.

Site Selection Methodology (part 1)
Download (2.92MB - PDF)
Site Selection Methodology (part 2)
Download (3.88MB - PDF)
Site Selection Methodology (part 3)
Download (6.44MB - PDF)
Site Selection Methodology (part 4)
Download (3.65MB - PDF)

The Site Selection Methodology and Results report is an extensive document. In the interests of more succinctly summarising the proposed sites a number of summaries have been prepared and are a useful first point of reference. These summaries are intended to provide sufficient detail on why sites are either being proposed or rejected. Housing site proposals are shown at a town/village level as per the documents below.


Doncaster Main Urban Area
Download (7.94MB - PDF)
Main Town - Adwick-le-Street-Woodlands
Download (826KB - PDF)
Main Town - Conisbrough-Denaby
Download (813KB - PDF)
Main Town - Hatf-Stain (inc Duns Dunscroft).docx
Download (1.82MB - PDF)
Main Town - Mexborough
Download (863KB - PDF)
Main Town - Rossington
Download (745KB - PDF)
Main Town - Thorne-Moorends
Download (2.04MB - PDF)
Service Town-Village - Askern
Download (653KB - PDF)
Service Town-Village - Auck-Hay Green
Download (1.23MB - PDF)
Service Town-Village - Barnburh-Harlington
Download (739KB - PDF)
Service Town-Village - Barnby Dun
Download (1.06MB - PDF)
Service Town-Village - Bawtry
Download (497KB - PDF)
Service Town-Village - Carcroft-Skellow
Download (787KB - PDF)
Service Town-Village - Edlington
Download (703KB - PDF)
Service Town-Village - Finningley
Download (735KB - PDF)
Service Town-Village - Sprotbrough
Download (647KB - PDF)
Service Town-Village - Tickhill
Download (649KB - PDF)


Employment - Adwick and Woodlands
Download (467KB - PDF)
Employment - Airport and Auckley
Download (460KB - PDF)
Employment - Armthorpe
Download (430KB - PDF)
Employment - Askern
Download (420KB - PDF)
Employment - Clayton and Frickley
Download (412KB - PDF)
Employment - Conisbrough and Edlington
Download (487KB - PDF)
Employment - Doncaster Centre
Download (537KB - PDF)
Employment - Hatfield, Stainforth and Thorne
Download (487KB - PDF)
Employment - Rossington
Download (454KB - PDF)
Employment - Wheatley and Kirk Sandall
Download (451KB - PDF)

The Employment Land Review, written by Colliers International, assesses 30 potential employment sites which could become site allocations in the Local Plan. The document includes a qualitative assessment of each site including their suitability for employment use. The conclusions in the report have regard to market demand; Doncaster’s strengths; supply; individual site characteristics; and other relevant issues to the sites such as planning applications/masterplans. The findings of the report have been factored into the site selection methodology process.

Doncaster Employment Land Review (February 2018)
Download (8.66MB - PDF)

Mineral Requirements Methodology & Results Consultation (June 2018)

As a Minerals Planning Authority we are also required to propose the most sustainable mineral allocations in the Local Plan. These will include sites, areas of search and safeguarding areas. The documents below provide the evidence base and proposed allocations for consultation. For hydrocarbon requirements go here.

Assessing Mineral Sites Representations
Download (5.14MB - PDF)
Mineral Sites Maps
Download (3.04MB - PDF)
Identifying and Assessing Areas of Search - Methodology and Process
Download (894KB - PDF)
Stage One Assessing Areas of Search for Aggregate Minerals - Identification and Initial Screening (2016)
Download (1.53MB - PDF)
Stage Two Assessing Evaluating and Proposing Minerals Areas of Search
Download (3.99MB - PDF)
Map - Sites and Areas of Search
Download (1.66MB - PDF)
Mineral Safeguarding Areas (post-consultation May 2016)
Download (4.19MB - PDF)
Map - Mineral Safeguarding Areas
Download (2.01MB - PDF)

Site Selection Methodologies Consultation – Summary of Responses – June 2018

The draft site selection methodologies were subject to full public consultation for a period of 4 weeks between Tuesday 24 November and Monday 21 December 2015. The methodologies set out what the various stages of the site selection process would entail, including our proposed sustainability appraisal site criteria for housing, employment and mineral site options. This was an opportunity therefore for any comments to be made on the proposed approach. The following provides summaries of the responses received to the consultation, and how they have been considered accordingly through the revised site selection methodologies which have now been used to assess all reasonable site options.

Site Selection Methodology - Consultation Summary
Download (635KB - PDF)
Minerals Selection Methodology - 2015 Consultation Responses
Download (231KB - PDF)

Site Selection Methodologies Consultation – November 2015

The Council consulted on two site selection methodologies (late 2015) which are the basis for how we will select housing, employment (including mixed use) and minerals sites. The methodologies were not site specific at this stage. Therefore the consultation was only about the process for appraising sites rather than seeking views as to which sites should be supported or rejected. We consulted on the following two documents which are still available to view below:

Housing and Employment Site Selection Methodology
Download (1.22MB)
Local Plan Mineral Requirements Methodology
Download (895KB - PDF)


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