Local Plan Consultation

During September – October 2018 we consulted on a key planning document which will shape Doncasters future. The consultation included draft policies and proposed sites to be included in the Local Plan – as well as supporting evidence base. This stage of the process provided an opportunity for everybody to give their views before the Council drafts the plan (known as the Publication version) next year.

Local Plan Draft Policies and Proposed Sites Consultation - Now Closed

The above consultation ran from Thursday 13 September to Friday 26 October 2018 and is now closed. Thank you to everybody who has taken the opportunity to provide comments on this important stage of the emerging Local Plan process. We are currently analysing all the comments that have been received and these will be published in due course. All responses will be considered in advance of the Council drafting the next version of the Local Plan, known as the Publication version, next year. In the meantime, all of the consultation material and evidence base is still available to view below, although the response forms have been removed given the consultation has now ended.

Please note, this consultation was prepared in line with the 2012 National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), and where necessary will be updated to reflect the revised 2018 NPPF – more details are in the section at the bottom of this page.

consultation booklet explains what we are consulting on and asks questions. Go to proposed sites to see where developments could go up.

Consultation Booklet
Download (518KB - PDF)


In summary we want your views on:

  • Vision and Objectives
  • Draft Policies and Proposals
  • Proposed Sites
  • Evidence Base

Details on each can be found via the following links and/or documents:

Local Plan Vision and Objectives - a revised Vision on how the Borough will develop over the next 15 years

Local Plan - Vision and Objectives
Download (309KB - PDF)

Draft Policies and Proposals - to help us decide future planning applications

Local Plan Draft Policies
Download (1.08MB - PDF)
Proposed sites these are the proposed development sites for housing, employment and minerals which have been chosen based on the published (and previously consulted upon) selection methodology. We now want your views on these sites.

New Evidence Base and Designations

If you have any questions please contact us: localplan@doncaster.gov.uk or 01302 734419.

National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) Statement

The Government published its revised National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) in July 2018. Some of the supporting Planning Practice Guidance (PPG) has also been updated, with further revisions and updates due shortly. The transitional arrangements are clear that Local Plans submitted after the 24 January 2019 will be examined against the revised NPPF/PPG.

The current Draft Policies & Proposed Sites consultation largely reflects the 2012 NPPF, but is timetabled to be submitted after the 24 January 2019 and will therefore need to ensure general conformity with the revised NPPF, and any of its supporting guidance. The Council will need to consider how the next iteration of the Local Plan (known as the Publication version) must react to these latest policy changes, which include:

  • Confirmation of the new ‘standard methodology’ for calculating the housing requirement (our latest housing and economic needs assessment considers both the old and new methodology. However, the Government has announced that there is going to be further consultation in light of imminently due household projections. There is potential therefore for further revisions to the standard methodology for calculating housing need to ensure the objectives of the Government’s Housing White Paper are fulfilled);
  • Potential further revision of housing figures (in light of the above household projections and further changes to the methodology);
  • Greater emphasis on small development sites (where possible, at least 10% of the our housing requirement should be identified on sites of less than 1 hectare in size either through the Local Plan and/or our Brownfield Land Register);
  • Making more intensive use of existing land and buildings; and,
  • Strengthening of Green Belt policies and steps taken to justify the exceptional circumstances required for Green Belt release.
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