How a planning decision is reached

Guidance on how a planning decision is reached.

If a planning application is considered under the delegation agreement, the case officer will write a report outlining all of the important factors to be considered and will make a recommendation which will then be considered and approved by the senior officer under delegated powers. 

The following documents are taken into consideration:

ODPM - Delivering Delegation
Download (185KB)
Delegation Agreement from 25 April 2017
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How the Planning Committee works

Larger, more complex or controversial applications may be decided by Planning Committee.

For Planning Committee Dates and the list of members that sit on Planning Committee visit:

The case officer will write a report outlining all of the important factors to be considered, and will make a recommendation. There will also be a presentation of the application by an officer, usually with the plans and photos of the site. A letter will be sent to the applicant or agent as well as anyone who has made representations to either support or oppose the proposed development identifying that the application will be presented to planning committee with the relevant date and time of the meeting.

The report - can be viewed by selecting the relevant committee date and is available for public inspection five days before the meeting. The public may attend the meeting and a representative of any supporters or objectors may make a short address to the Committee setting out their views.

Further guidance on Speaking at Committee is available on the document below.

Have your say at planning committee
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Speak at Planning Committee

The request to speak at Planning Committee complete the:

Or complete the request to speak form below and return it to the address on the form:

Request to Speak at planning committee
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All forms must be submitted no later than three workings days in advance of the committee date meeting i.e by 12pm on the Thursday of the week prior to the committee date. 

The report and recommendation will be considered by members of the Planning Committee.

Planning Committee may defer a decision to allow them to visit the site themselves or for further information. They may also approve an application in principle but delegate the final decision to officers, pending receipt of further information, subject to the outcome of consultations or completion of a legal agreement.

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