Homes & Settlements and Updated Sustainability Appraisal of Doncaster's Growth Options Consultation (March 2016)

The consultation has now closed on these two documents which form part of our continuous engagement on the new Local Plan, the consultation responses are now available below.

What was this consultation about?

Homes and Settlements - The consultation ran from 7 March to 18 April 2016 and set out the proposed number of new homes we are planning for and how we think they should be distributed around the borough's towns and villages, however the consultation responses are available below.

We proposed that we should plan for 920 new homes per year 2015-2032 (so 15,640 new homes in total). This reflects the identified need for both open market and affordable housing and would meet the future needs of the existing population and the needs that will arise from planned jobs growth.

Approximately 51-55% of this housing growth is proposed for Doncaster Main Urban Area and 35-39% in the seven Main Towns of Adwick, Armthorpe, Conisbrough/Denaby, Hatfield/Stainforth/Dunscroft/Dunsville, Mexborough, Rossington and Thorne/Moorends. Approximately 10% is proposed to be distributed around 10 smaller Service Towns and Villages.

The consultation resulted in 157 letters of response being received making 268 specific points. 14 of these were from Town and Parish Councils, 29 from agents representing landowners/developers and 67 from individuals/residents and 5 from neighbouring local authorities.

The main issues raised were:

  • The size of the housing requirement for the Local Plan.
  • The amount of land that should be allocated to meet the requirement.
  • Flood risk and the need for a sequential approach to identifying sites for future development.
  • Settlement Hierarchy and Housing Distribution.
  • Housing development around the airport.

The consultation document and a summary of the responses received can be viewed below:

Homes and Settlements Consultation Document
Download (411KB)
Homes and Settlement Consultation Summaries
Download (47KB)

Updated Sustainability Appraisal of Doncaster's Growth Options – The Council also consulted on its updated Sustainability Appraisal of Doncaster's Growth Options which includes an assessment of the Homes and Settlement paper.

The consultation document and a summary of the responses received can be viewed below:

Sustainability Appraisal of Doncasters Growth Options Report
Download (2.6MB)
Sustainability Appraisal of Doncasters Growth Options Consultation Summaries
Download (17KB)

The Council has taken account of the comments received and is now preparing the Publication version of the local plan which will be available for comment when published.

The website does not include actual responses received but these can be provided on request.

Background studies & research

Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report sets out the approach that will be used to predict, appraise and monitor the effects of theDoncaster Local Plan. It also summarises the main issues and challenges facing the borough based on the latest baseline evidence and includes a review of relevant plans and programmes that will inform the preparation of the Doncaster Local Plan. The Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report has been updated and re-published (March 2016) and is available to view below:

Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report
Download (4.06MB)

The emerging Local Plan Evidence Base


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