Antenatal appointments

Just found out you are having a baby?

Advice and information on what to do next:

  • as soon as you find out you are pregnant it is important to contact a health professional as the first 12 weeks of your pregnancy are the most important time in your baby’s development
  • early contact with a health professional is important, as it will help you to make informed choices about your pregnancy
  • wherever you live you can contact a midwife directly as soon as you find out you are pregnant

To speak to a midwife call:

  • Doncaster and Bassetlaw Community Hub: 01302 642794

Your midwife is also available to help if you are unsure about continuing with your pregnancy and would like to discuss your options further. 

Your midwife will:

  • give you up to date information about looking after yourself and your baby during pregnancy
  • help you to plan and make decisions about the rest of your pregnancy
  • discuss any concerns you have about previous illness or family history that may affect your pregnancy
  • help you with any concerns you have about medication your are currently taking
  • give food and nutrition advice for you and your baby
  • give you advice on recommended vitamin supplements
  • share information with you about antenatal screening
  • inform you if you are entitled to Healthy Start vitamins and vouchers
  • discuss what postnatal care you would like and the Children Centre service
  • answer any queries or questions you may have

What else do I need to do?

  • eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day.  Eat little and often, this can help prevent you from feeling sick early in your pregnancy
  • drink water to keep yourself hydrated.  It will also help with your kidney and bowel functions
  • if you smoke, stop smoking.  For help and advice about stopping smoking contact the Stop Smoking in Pregnancy and Beyond Service on 01302 566776
  • if you use recreational drugs, stop taking them.  For help and advice to stop taking drugs contact Aspire Drug & Alcohol Services on 01302 730956
  • avoid drinking alcohol
  • Take moderate physical exercise such as walking or cycling during pregnancy as this is proven to increase energy levels, reduce constipation and helps you to sleep better.  If in doubt, please consult your midwife or GP
  • limit your caffeine intake to less than 200mg a day 
      • 1mug of instant coffee = 100mg 
      • 1 cup of tea = 50mg 
      • 1 can of cola = 40mg

Did you know?

  • the first few weeks of your baby’s development are the most important
  • Within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy your baby starts off as a series of cells
  • by four to five weeks mother and baby are already connected by the umbilical cord
  • at six to seven weeks your baby’s heart beat can be detected
  • by eight weeks, ears, arms, fingers and toes are already starting to form
  • at 12 weeks of pregnancy the baby is fully formed and can open its fists and mouth.

Looking after yourself properly and contacting a midwife will ensure the best possible start in life for your baby.

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