Supporting mums to be

Information and guidance on supporting mums to be

Supporting mums to be

Mums-to-be have a lot to think about while they’re pregnant and sometimes they want to make changes to their lifestyle to look after their babies’ health.  This might mean those around them also have to give up something they love to show their support. The good news is that helping mum to have a healthier and happier pregnancy doesn’t have to be hard. It will be a lot easier for her with your help and there could be some benefits for you too!

Show your support:

  • Try to cut down on alcohol
  • Stop smoking
  • Keep active together
  • Try eating some healthier foods with her
  • Go with her to the doctor if she’s worried
  • Be there if she has a scan and see baby on the screen

As well as supporting mum to have a healthy pregnancy, you can also be a big help when the big day arrives.

This checklist may be useful in the final weeks:

  • Make sure you can be contacted at all times
  • Decide how you’ll get to the hospital (if you have arranged a hospital birth)
  • If you’re using your own car, make sure it works and has petrol, and do a trial run to see how long it takes to get from your house to the hospital
  • Remember to pack a bag for yourself, including snacks, a camera, and your phone or change for the telephone
  • Have a contact list ready to tell people once the baby has arrived

It is normal for you both to have lots of questions during pregnancy, especially if it’s the first time. There’s lots of information to take in and a new baby can mean a lot of change, so talk through your concerns and try to make decisions together.

You can get more information and advice at antenatal or parenting classes.  To find out where these are happening in your area please speak to your midwife or contact your local Family Hub.

The Stop Smoking in Pregnancy and Beyond service offers support to partners and can be contacted on 01302 566766

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