Customer Service Strategy

"Customers are our business and define our success"

We have a Customer Service Strategy that outlines our commitment to delivering a consistent and high level of customer service to our customers.

The strategy promotes the following vision:

  • Our customers will know about and have access to online services and can self serve via the council’s website and app.
  • Our customer information will be captured and retained digitally when they access services online, ensuring that they only have to ‘tell us once’
  • Letters and paper documents will be used only when necessary
  • Our staff are trained and supported to operate digitally
  • Our councillors have access to technology to request services digitally on behalf of customers
  • Doncaster Council presents itself as one when offering services.

Copy of the Strategy

To view the Customer Service Strategy, please open in the Downloads and Resources section to the right of the page.

The Institute of Customer Service - Service Mark Accreditation

In November 2015, Doncaster Council’s Customer Service Team’s high level of customer service was recognised by the Institute of Customer Service (ICS) who presented the council with the Service Mark accreditation and a 90.8% customer satisfaction rating. 

The Service Mark is a national standard that is awarded for three years and recognises an organisation’s achievement in customer service and its commitment to upholding those standards. In order to achieve the award, an assessor met with The Customer Service Team to assess the timeliness, quality and range of their customer service delivery.

The accreditation comes at a time when Doncaster Council is dramatically changing ways in which it serves its customers. As well as traditional methods of visiting council buildings or telephoning, our residents can now access an increased number of services online and self-serve 24/7 on the council’s improved website.

Customer, Digital & ICT was also a finalist in The Institute of Customer Services UK Customer Satisfaction Awards in the Vocalink Best Application of Technology category.  The awards recognises organisations and individuals that have implemented successful customer service strategies.

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