Pollution control - frequently asked questions

Pollution Control

For further information, please contact us:

Where is the public register for environmental permits kept?

A list of permitted installations is available via our web page. Full public register documentation is held at Pollution Control.

Radon has come back on the search for my new house/My house is within a radon affected area?

For general advice on radon please contact Pollution Control on 01302 737581.

For premises specific advice please use the Health Protection Agency web site

What is radon?

A naturally occurring radioactive gas.

Where is the public register of contaminated land kept and what premises are on it?

To view the register online visit the following page: Register of Contaminated Land 

What is meant by contaminated land?

Any land, which appears to the Local Authority in whose area it is situated, to be in such a condition by reason of substances either in, on or under the land, that:

  1. Significant harm is being caused or there is the significant possibility of such harm being caused
  2. Pollution of controlled waters is being, or is likely to be, caused

For further information please visit the Contaminated Land page.

My property is within 250 metres of a landfill site, what does this mean?

You may contact Pollution Control on 01302 737581 for advice.

What is landfill gas?

Landfill gas is mainly methane and carbon dioxide.

How can I obtain environmental information?

Please visit the following page for details on obtaining Environmental Information

What is the ambient/outside air quality?

Please visit the Daily Air Pollution Levels page

How do the air quality monitoring stations work?

Please visit the following page Air Pollution in Doncaster  

How can I obtain information on the air quality in Doncaster?

Please visit the Daily Air Pollution Levels page or Contact Pollution Control 01302 737579 for information

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