Clear bag – plastic bottles

What can you recycle in your clear bag?

Changes to plastic recycling from March 2018

We are introducing a new blue bin that will allow you to recycle far more than you currently do, including liquid food containers (also known as Tetra Paks).

This means that from March 2018, your clear bag for plastic bottle recycling will no longer be necessary so plastic bottles will need to be put into your blue bin from that point onwards.

Yes please

  • plastic bottles (either with or without lids)
  • pop bottles
  • detergent bottles
  • shampoo bottles

No thanks

  • yoghurt pots
  • margarine/butter tubs
  • food trays
  • compact disks (CDs)
  • videos (VHS)
  • coat hangers
  • rigid plastic containers
  • plastic crockery and cutlery

If you don’t have a clear bag please use a carrier bag (clearly identifiable as recycling). Materials presented in a black sack (bin liner) will not be collected.


  • clear bags are collected every week on the same day that your wheeled bin is collected
  • don't forget - put your box and recycling bags out to the edge of your property by 7:30am and take them in when emptied.
  • please help to prevent littering by containing your recyclables correctly, especially on windy days

Order a new clear bag

Do you need to order a new clear bag? You can do this online:

Further information

Why do we only take plastic bottles?

Plastics recycling is still a relatively new technology and is still developing. As the technology improves in future we may eventually be able to collect and recycle other plastic items. At the moment we have nowhere to process other household plastics, and there are no reliable and sustainable markets for that type of material.

Items like margarine tubs and food trays are made from lots of different lower grade plastics and are much more difficult to clean and process in a recycling facility. Many yoghurt pots are actually made from a type of polystyrene and again are difficult to separate and process efficiently

What needs to be done with plastic bottles before being recycled?

  • wash bottles to help prevent odours
  • squash bottles so they take up less space in your green box
  • bottle tops do not need to be removed
  • plastic labels do not need to be removed
  • put them in your green box or clear sack for collection

Recycling other plastic items like garden furniture or toys

Hard plastics can now be recycled at five of the six Household Waste Recycling Centres in Doncaster including Armthorpe, Balby, Carcroft, Hatfield and Rossington. Hard plastics are not accepted at Conisbrough.

Confused about symbols/logos on products which you think can be recycled?

Recycle Now have an excellent resource on their website that explains each symbol in detail.

Note: There is a section on the page that explains about plastic resin codes printed onto plastic packaging (A number from 1 to 7 inside the recycling symbol). We advise you ignore this type of symbol on plastic packaging as the only plastic items currently recycled in Doncaster are plastic bottles.

Which bin or box?

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