Bring bank recycling sites

Due to the successful expansion of the kerbside recycling collections Doncaster Council is removing recycling bring banks in council ownership.

Household Waste Recycling Centres are unaffected.  For details of your nearest site please visit the HWRC page

Please be aware that all materials previously accepted at the recycling bring banks can be collected from your home by the council via the kerbside collection service  

Recycling bring banks shall be removed on or before the 31st March 2019

Sites include -


Co-op, Selby Road


Car park, Ellers Lane


B&Q car park, Balby Carr Bank


Car park, Shotton Walk


Morrisons car park, York Road


ASDA car park, High Street


Car park, R/O Ingram Arms, High Street

Kirk Sandall

Car park, Brecks Lane


ASDA car park, Bawtry Road


Car park, R/O Poundland, Station Road


Labour Club car park, Gattison Lane


Car park, Bridge Street


Car park, Beech Avenue

Town Centre

Car Park, Chappell Way


The Council is aware that a number of bring bank sites were being used by local businesses to recycle Commercial Waste.  Please be aware that waste from a business should be managed correctly in line environmental law.  The Council does provide a commercial waste and recycling service for businesses in Doncaster, for more information visit our trade waste & recycling page.   

We provide a comprehensive kerbside collection service to every domestic property in the borough, further information about the service including details of materials we collect for recycling and how to get a blue bin and green box can be found on by visiting our recycling bins and boxes page.

Recycling bring banks do remain in some locations, for example; supermarket and pub car parks, sports clubs, etc.  See Recycle Now for more details.

For further information, please contact us: 

Last updated: 08 March 2019 13:50:43