S.I.D (Safety In Doncaster)

S.I.D (Safety In Doncaster) is a scheme that helps adults with a learning disability feel and be safer when they are out and about in Doncaster.

Over the past year members of the ChAD (Choice for All Doncaster) Committee and some of the people they represent have been 'out and about' in the community speaking with shop keepers in the town centre and all areas of the Doncaster Borough explaining the scheme, and asking them to permanently display a S.I.D sign in their shop/pub window.

How does S.I.D work?

Hundreds of adults with a learning disability now have a card or key ring which has the S.I.D logo on the front and a space for their own emergency contact numbers on the back. The shopkeeper/staff member can ring this number in the event of an emergency. 

The card/key ring can be used if someone is feeling unwell or unsafe, e.g. they are being followed or threatened. It can also be used by the emergency services to get important information about the person if they are in an emergency situation.

If you would like more information about S.I.D or want to know how you can go about getting a S.I.D card/key ring, please contact:

ChAD (Choice for All Doncaster)
Telephone: 01302 319052
Email: chad@voiceability.org

Last updated: 27 April 2018 09:54:58