Doncaster’s Local Account of Adults, Health and Wellbeing

What is a Local Account?

Welcome to the local account for Adults, Health and Wellbeing.  This local account explains what we have achieved over the last twelve months, describes where we’ve spent our money and looks forward to what we’re planning to do this coming year.

Doncaster’s Local Account 2014-15

This is Doncaster’s fifth local account which offers facts alongside people’s stories of how we help and enable Doncaster residents with care and support needs. 

There are nine fact sheets, plus an introduction and details on our future plans. For the first time we are also delighted to include welcome greetings from our Director, Councillor and cabinet member for Adult Social Care and local Healthwatch Chief Executive alongside other videos throughout the documents. 

Contact us

We would welcome any feedback you have on this document by calling 01302 736245 or 01302 735173.

Please click below to view the full document.

Doncaster's Local Account of Adults, Health and Wellbeing 2014-15
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Or click on any of the links below to view the local account as separate factsheets.

Introduction to the Local Account of Adults, Health and Wellbeing
Download (970KB)
Factsheet 1: Community Capacity & Innovation
Download (669KB)
Factsheet 2: Housing
Download (734KB)
Factsheet 3: Carers
Download (571KB)
Factsheet 4: WorkingTogether
Download (556KB)
Factsheet 5: Information & Advice
Download (593KB)
Factsheet 6: Technology
Download (576KB)
Factsheet 7: Keeping Safe
Download (648KB)
Factsheet 8: Developing The Market
Download (522KB)
Factsheet 9: Personal Budgets
Download (583KB)
What We Plan...
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If you would like to view Local Account from 2013-14 please see the documents in the downloads and Resources area.

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