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How to complain about Adult Social Care

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What to do if you're unhappy with a service provided by Adult Social Care

If you are unhappy with something that Doncaster Adult Social Care Services has done, or failed to do, we will try to put things right.  If you are dissatisfied please tell us about it!

We want you to get the best possible service from us, and your compliments, complaints, comments and suggestions are always welcome.  If you're unhappy with something, please tell us about it.

You can do this in the first instance by contacting your social worker. If you live in a residential or nursing home or you attend any activity organised by the council, you can talk to the staff or manager of the service.

A complaint should normally be made within 12 months of the issue arising; we hope that in most cases your problem or complaint can be sorted out directly with the member of staff providing your service but if this is not possible then the matters can be formally registered into the Adult Social Care Complaints Procedure.

What happens next?

  • we will try to sort things out for you as quickly as possible – on the spot if we can

  • if this is not possible we will acknowledge your complaint within three working days of receiving it

  • we will then let you know who will be dealing with your complaint and agree with you how long we think it is going to take to look into your concerns

  • while we are dealing with your complaint, we will keep you informed.  If it is taking longer than we initially thought to look into your complaint, we will contact you to discuss this and agree new timescales with you

  • if following the written response to your complaint you remain unhappy you can talk to the Complaints Manager who will consider the best way forward

How to tell us about your complaint, comment or compliment

There are various ways you can contact the council if you have something to tell us and details of which are listed below:

  • fill in an online complaint form

  • email -

  • telephone – 01302 736000

  • write to: Customer Experience Team, Civic Office, Waterdale, Doncaster, DN1 3BU

  • fill in a paper version of our complaints form, available from all area offices

Annual report

The following report provides information about the complaints and compliments received by adult social care during the period of 2016/2017. The purpose of the report is to inform service users, carers, elected members, partner agencies and staff about the work of the complaint service within the Directorate of Adults, Health and Wellbeing and its priorities for 2017/18.

Adult Complaints and Compliments Annual Report 2016-17
Download (280KB - PDF)

Our complaints procedure

We follow a set procedure when dealing with complaints that aims to protect the rights of all adult social care service users. It says that problems should be resolved fairly and openly. The procedure also helps us to make our services better by highlighting where we need to improve.

Adult Social Care Legislation is attached as a document in the downloads and resources section of this page.

The procedure has two stages; Stage 1 - Local resolution and Stage 2 - Contacting the Local Government Ombudsman

Stage 1: Local resolution

Local resolution means we will try to resolve your complaint as close to where your concerns arose as possible.

It is usually the manager of the service that you are complaining about who will investigate your complaint and they will respond to you in writing within a set timescale.

If you’re still not satisfied that your complaint has been resolved, you can contact the Complaint Manager within 20 working days. They will then discuss further options with you. 

Stage 2: Contacting the Local Government Ombudsman

If you’re still not satisfied with what has happened as a result of your complaint, the second stage of the procedure is to contact the Local Government Ombudsman (LGO).

You can contact the LGO at any point of your complaint. However, they would usually ask you to go through the council’s complaints procedure in the first instance.

The LGO can consider complaints about:

  • Things that have gone wrong with a council service  

  • The way a decision has been made

Contact can be made with the LGO using any of the following methods:

  • Website:

  • Telephone: 0300 061 0614

  • In writing to: Local Government Ombudsman, PO Box 4771, Coventry, CV4 0EH  

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