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Development and Floodrisk

Development and Floodrisk SPD

The Development and Floodrisk Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) has now been adopted. The document sets out in detail how national and local planning policy in relation to flooding will be applied in the planning process.

This has replaced the Floodrisk Guidance Note with immediate effect meaning that Development Management decisions will now be informed by the SPD.

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA)

The Doncaster Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) comprises two separate volumes: level 1 and 2. Further details of these can be found in the sections below.

The SFRA will be reviewed on an approximately four-year cycle. Due to data limitations, the SFRA contains more detailed information relating to the Don catchment area than the Trent catchment area. It is envisaged that an addendum will be published covering the area affected by the Trent catchment once further information is available, including the preliminary flood risk assessment.

If you require a CD copy of the SFRA, please contact us at the address at the top of this page (please note there is a £10 charge per level).

Please note that the SFRA is not policy, but rather forms part of the evidence base for the emerging Local Development Framework. In the interim the SFRA will be implemented through the Flooding Supplementary Planning Document.

SFRA Level 1

Level 1 is the main report which provides a summary of the catchments, relevant policies, current flood risks, the potential impacts of climate change, flood risk management practices and policy recommendations. The level 1 SFRA identifies and analyses current and future broad scale flooding issues for proposed development allocation sites/areas in the borough, and provide support for further assessment and sequential testing of proposed site allocations.

The level 1 SFRA (as updated) is available to download via the following links:

SFRA Main Report

General Maps 1-5

Maps A 1-6 (Potential Sites & EA Flood Zones)

Maps O 1-6 (Surface Water Drainage)

Maps Q 1-6 (Climate Change)

Maps R 1-6 (s2q100)

Maps S 1-6 (s2q1000)

Maps T 1-6 (s75q100)

Maps U 1-6 (s100q200)

Map Y (Doncaster & Trent Catchments in Doncaster)

Table C1 (Housing Sites)

Table C2 (Employment Sites)

Table C3 (PAS Mineral Sites)

Table C4 (BDR Waste Sites)

Table C5 (Challenging Sites)

SFRA Level 2

Level 2 of the SFRA appraises the current condition of flood defence infrastructure and assesses the consequences of breaches of defence infrastructure on potential development sites in the Don catchment area. Level 2 focuses on residual risks within the Don catchment, such as the rate and depth of flooding in the event that flood defences fail. It is necessary to examine these aspects so that any planned development will be safe.

The level 2 SFRA is available to download via the following links:

SFRA Level 2 Report

Map A1 - s2q100 (Mexborough)

Map A2 - s2q100 (Benley Rise)

Map A3 - s2q100 (Stainforth)

Map A4 - s2q100 (Moorends)

Map A5 - s2q100 (Carcroft Common)

Map B1 - s2q100 and Climate Change (Mexborough)

Map B2 - s2q100 and Climate Change (Bentley Rise)

Map B5 - s2q100 and Climate Change (Carcroft Common)

Map C1 - Surface Water Flooding (Mexborough)

Map C2 - Surface Water Flooding (Bentley Rise)

Map C3 - Surface Water Flooding (Stainforth)

Map C4 - Surface Water Flooding (Moorends)

Map C5 - Surface Water Flooding (Carcoft Common)

Map D1 - Old Modelled Flood Extent (100 Year) (Mexborough)

Map D5 - Old Modelled Flood Extent (100 Year) (Bentley Rise)

Map V1 - Breach (100 Year Flood) (Moorends)

Map W4 - Breach (100 Year Flood) (Bentley Rise)

Map X1 - Breach (100 Year Flood) (Stainforth)

SFRA Interactive Map

The SFRA data (Level 1) is now available to view on an interactive map; it is hoped that the Level 2 data shall be available shortly.

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Map

This shows the various scenario data sets, along with potential sites shown in the SFRA. Please note these data sets are as they stood at the time of carrying out the SFRA, for the latest information on potential sites please see the LDF webpages, or contact the LDF team on 01302 734419.

The flood data should be looked at alongside Environment Agency flood data.

Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS)

New Planning Policy was introduced as from the 6th April 2015, in relation to providing SuDS for new developments where appropriate.

SuDS Policy

SY Interim Local Guidance for SuDS (vFinal 290515) (2)

Appendix A SYLDS

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