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Member Support


The member support team provides administrative support to elected Members of Doncaster Council. The team keep records of the Register of Interests and other interests relating to appointments to Outside Bodies and gifts and hospitality, if any, for each councillor which can be viewed by clicking on the link above.  

Find Your Councillor

To find out more about your local councillors click on the relevant links below:  

Your Councillors contact details

If you are not sure which is your ward, please use the ward search.

Your Councillors by ward

Your Councillors by political party 

If you don't know who your councillors are you can look on My Doncaster. Under the Location Details tab enter your postcode. This will return information regarding your ward, your local MP and European parliament constituency.

Another way of contacting your councillor is by using the following e-form which will come to the Member Support email box and will be passed to the relevant ward councillor:

Contact your councillor

Attached to this page is the councillor Poster showing the 3 councillors in each ward.

Surgery Details

Councillor surgeries provide an opportunity for you to meet your ward councillors in person and to discuss local issues.  No appointment is necessary and people are seen on a first come first served basis. 

Details of councillor surgeries (including times and dates) can be found by clicking on the name of the relevant councillor, please click on the link below. 

find your councillor.

Your MPs (Members of Parliament)

Members of Parliament (MPs) are elected by a particular area or constituency in Britain to represent them in the House of Commons.  MPs divide their time between their constituency and the Houses of Parliament in London.  Once elected it is an MPs job to represent all the people in his or her constituency.  An MP can ask Government Ministers questions, speak about issues in the House of commons and consider and propose new laws. 

Doncaster has three Members of Parliament covering three parliamentary constituencies, Central, North and Don Valley. Please click on the link below for further information.

Your MPs (Member of Parliament)

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The Democratic Make Up

Doncaster Metropolitan Borough is divided into 21 areas known as wards and each ward (depending on its size) is represented by 2 or 3 democratically elected councillors, also known as elected Members.

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England recently reviewed the Council’s electoral arrangements. As well as making changes to some ward boundaries it also agreed the number of Councillors should be reduced from 63 to 55  and agreed that all 55 seats would be contested at the May 2015 election. Previously Councillors were elected by thirds with 21 of the 63 Councillors being elected annually and a Mayoral election taking place on the 4th year.

Following the May 2015 elections the political make up of the Council is as follows:
Labour 41 Councillors plus the elected Mayor, Conservatives 8 Councillors, Mexborough First 3 Councillors, UKIP 2 Councillors, Independent/not affiliated to a party 1 Councillor.

All Councillors elected in May 2015 will remain in office until May 2017 when there will be a further all out election which will also coincide with the Mayoral election. The Mayor and all Councillors elected in May 2017 will serve a 4 year period of office.

Members Allowance and Member Expense Scheme

Elected Members are entitled to a basic allowance, Special Responsibility (for holding particular positions) and allowable expenses.  Allowances are recommended by an Independent Remuneration Panel which is made up from members of the public.

Details of the Members' Allowance Scheme can be found in part 6 of the Council Constitution, which is attached to this page.

We publish a list of allowances, travel and subsistence expenses claimed by our councillors each year which are attached to this page.

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