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Doncaster Council is responsible for thirteen cemeteries and nine Closed Churchyards within the Borough, these are listed below.


Rose Hill 


Ascot Avenue, Cantley, Doncaster, DN4 6HE 



Station Road, Arksey, Doncaster, DN5 0SD 

Arksey Old 


Station Road, Arksey, Doncaster, DN5 0SD  



Campsall Road, Askern, Doncaster, DN6 0BZ  



Ryecroft Road, Campsall, Doncaster, DN6 9DW  



Sheffield Road, Conisbrough, Nr Doncaster, DN12 2AU 



Tickhill Square, Denaby, Doncaster, DN12 4AW 

Doncaster Old* 


Carr Lane, Doncaster, DN4 5AA 



Cemetery Road, Mexborough, Doncaster, S64 9PN 



Redhouse Lane, Adwick-Le-Street, Doncaster, DN6 7EA 



Wadworth Lane, Rossington, Doncaster, DN11 0LA 



Guest Lane, Warmsworth, Doncaster, DN4 9NX 

Windmill Balk 


Windmill Balk Lane, Woodlands, Doncaster, DN6 7SE 

*Doncaster Old Cemetery is for re-opened graves only. 

For further information about Doncaster Old Cemetery please visit the Friends of Hyde Park website..

Closed Churchyards

ThorneSt Nicholas, King Street, Thorne
Christ ChurchThorne Road, Doncaster
RossingtonSt Michaels, Sheep Bridge Lane, Rossington
TickhillSt Mary's, New Road, Tickhill
BawtrySt Nicholas, Doncaster Road & Church Street, Bawtry
ArmthorpeSt Leonard and St Mary's Parish Church, Church Street, Armthorpe
BarnburghSt Peter's, Barnburgh

Church Lane, Askern

OwstonAll Saints Churchyard, Owston, Doncaster

Records for the Closed Churchyards are held either at the relevant church, parish council or the Diocese.

Opening Hours and General Information

Doncaster Old Cemetery, otherwise known as Hyde Park Cemetery, was the first Municipal Cemetery to be opened within the Borough in 1856. This particular cemetery is now used for re-opened graves only.  There is a chapel within the cemetery, but currently it is no longer in use.  

Most records for the Cemeteries are kept at Rose Hill Crematorium office which is located at:-   
Cantley Lane

Office Hours are Monday : 8:45am - 5pm
Tuesday – Friday : 8:30am - 5pm

Tel :  01302 736900
Fax : 01302 736913

Opening Hours for all Cemetery Grounds are:-
Summer time hours - May to September, 8:30am - 8:pm.
Winter time hours - October to April, 8:30am - 6pm.

Pedestrian Access is available at all times.

All correspondence and enquiries to the above address and telephone number.

Records for Hyde Park Cemetery are kept at the Archives which is located on Victoria Street, Balby, Doncaster. Telephone number  01302 859811

Facilities Available

Rose Hill, Conisbrough and Mexborough Cemeteries have Chapels within the grounds. A wide variety of music is now available which include choices from compact discs and tapes. Own taped music and compact discs can be played if requested. An organ is also available on request, however, an organist must be arranged by the family or Funeral Director.

Each Chapel will seat approximately 80 people with further limited standing room.

Public Conveniences
These are available at the following cemeteries; Rose Hill, *Redhouse, *Arksey, *Conisbrough and *Mexborough (*only open when a funeral is taking place).

Car Parking is made available at some of the Cemeteries however in order to preserve the tranquil environment in our cemeteries, vehicles are only allowed within the grounds when they form part of a funeral cortege or for disabled access. (See 'Disabled Permits' below). For those parking in the Cemetery, please ensure that your vehicle is not obstructing access for other users or main areas.

For safety purposes the speed limit within all cemeteries is 10mph.

To maintain the appearance of our grounds we request that you do not drive or park on grassed areas.

Disabled Permits
If you hold a blue disabled badge, the Authority will issue a permit to allow you vehicle access into the cemetery. In order to gain access into the Cemetery you will need to bring your disabled badge into the office where a fob will be issued. The fob needs to be used to gain access and also to leave the cemetery, therefore it is essential to ensure you have your fob with you at all times. There are other rules incorporated into the access system, however you will be notified of these once the card is issued. Please be aware that a £15.00 charge is made for the use of this system

For safety purposes children under 12 years of age are only allowed in the cemetery and crematorium grounds when accompanied by, and under the care of, a responsible adult.

We do allow dogs into the cemetery grounds but only under the strict control of the owners and on a lead. Owners are advised to be aware that, in order to maintain the appearance of our grounds, dog fouling laws will apply.

Burial Information

Most graves are “bought”, thereby reserving them for the burial of specific persons. The reference to buying a grave is not strictly correct. The “Right of Burial” is purchased giving the owner control over the burials in the grave, and the right to place a memorial. The ground itself is still in the ownership of the landowner (council). The right cannot be purchased for a period in excess of 75 years. You may be able to reserve the right in advance, if you wish to secure a grave in a certain area or for any other reason.  Most graves allow for two or three burials, one above the other. As each burial takes place, you will be charged an additional internment fee, to excavate and backfill the grave.

When the “Exclusive Right of Burial” has been purchased, a grave deed will be issued along with a copy of the current regulations. Additional copies of the regulations can be obtained from the crematorium office on request.

Graves can be personally selected by the family. However Rose Hill usually designates a grave for you.  If you would like to choose your own grave, an appointment will need to be arranged with our office to enable a member of staff to show you the choices.

Please note:-  When a grave is being excavated, a wooden stage is built for the spoil to stand on.  Unfortunately the situation sometimes arises where we cannot avoid putting the stage onto someone else’s grave, so we can only apologise for any inconvenience or distress that this may cause. The area will be left clean and tidy after the backfill of the grave has taken place.

A uniformed member of our staff will accompany the funeral to the graveside to supervise the arrangements.

After the burial, the cemetery’s statutory register will be completed. The staff will record the burial in the Register of Graves. Newly purchased graves will be “marked off” the cemetery grave plans. Since 1986, when legal approval was given, many authorities now maintain burial records on computer. These records must be maintained forever and are available for enquiries and research.

Please note:- Any complaints or queries should be reported to the cemetery office rather than to the groundsmen or grave digging team.

For burial, coffins may be made of wood, metal, wicker or cardboard. If the burial takes place in woodland or meadowlands areas, only biodegradable coffins may be used.

The authority also permits un-coffined burials, eg. Shrouds.

Temporary Markers
Following a burial there is an opportunity to place a  temporary Stone marker on the grave space. The marker must be made of a type of stone. In order to place a marker you will need to contact a Stone Mason or Funeral Director. Please understand that these are a temporary marker for a maximum period of 12 months. If a headstone is placed on the grave within 12 months the Stone marker will be removed at the time the headstone is erected. However, if no headstone is placed on the grave, the marker will be removed at the end of the 12 month period. Please be aware that Stone markers are not used for burials in public graves or within the woodland and meadowland burial areas. The markers are not available as permanent memorials.

Types of Graves
We appreciate the importance of choice in remembering loved ones and we therefore offer a wide variety of grave types to suit each individual’s differing needs. Rose Hill, Arksey and Redhouse cemeteries have individual sections for Church of England and Roman Catholic Religions. Rose Hill also incorporates an individual section for the Muslim and Greek Orthodox graves.

Exclusive Rights of Burial

We grant Exclusive Rights of Burial in graves in our cemeteries for up to 75 years. Exclusive Rights of Burial are currently available for periods of 30*, 50 and 75 years.

(* In crematorium grounds only)

Pre-Purchased graves/plots are permitted  the exclusive rights are for a 10 year period, not 50 or 75 years. There is the facility to renew the exclusive rights for a further 10 year period but this must be done before the pervious 10 years has expired.

Please be aware that if at the end of the period for which Exclusive Rights of Burial has been granted and there has been no use of the grave to which the right applies, then the Council may offer that Exclusive Right to another person. 

Please be aware that the person who is registered as the “Exclusive Rights” owner is responsible for any memorials placed on the grave and for looking after their grave space.   

Lawn/Kerb Graves
The typical lawn grave is a grave that is laid to lawn and has no mounds or surrounds.  

At the head of the grave we provide a space for the registered owner of the grave to install a headstone.  You may also put up to two vases at the head of the grave but we do ask that these are constructed of either natural stone or metal and we do specify that they do not exceed one foot in width, thickness or height from ground level. A vase which forms part of the original design of the memorial will be classed as being part of the memorial. Please be aware that any proposed inscription on a vase will need to be submitted to the Manager for approval, and the inclusion of any name or date will class the vase as a memorial and it will then be subject to the regulations which apply to memorials.  

If you wish, the grave may be used as a garden grave. We do request however, that you plant annual flowers only in the garden space. The grave owner is responsible for looking after the garden space and the area around the headstone. If this becomes neglected the Council have the authority to transfer the area back to a lawn type grave.

Any memorial must be fitted by an approved stonemason. For safety purposes we require that all headstones are fixed with a ground anchor system, that will comply with Cemetery Regulations.

Woodland Graves / Meadowland Graves (Rose Hill Cemetery only)

Rose Hill Cemetery offers woodland graves to allow for burials in a natural environment. These graves are in a mature wooded area where native woodland bulbs have also been planted. Please be aware that graves within the woodland area are not set out to individual trees but, where appropriate, additional trees may be planted by the Authority to further establish the area.  

A separate meadowland burial area has also been created to provide a further option for burial in a natural environment. The area is seeded with seed from Hay Meadows.

In order to protect the naturalness of the area we do not allow marking of graves or placing of memorials of any type in our woodland / meadowland sections. However, all graves will be recorded on a plan and each grave will have a numbered concrete block / chip reader placed just beneath the surface of the ground. This ensures that graves can be found as the area develops, but in order to protect the naturalness of the area, no other memorials or tributes will be permitted. Grass cutting is also kept to a minimum in this area and the ‘neat and tidy’ appearance of our cemeteries will therefore not apply to this section.  

Cremated Remains may be scattered in a designated area in the woodland / meadowland section although the exact location will not be recorded. If cremated remains are to be buried in a container it it will be necessary to purchase a grave space. Burial or scattering of cremated remains shall not take place without permission of the council.

As with all private graves in the cemetery we grant the Exclusive Right of Burial for a set period of time.  Exclusive Rights of Burial are currently available for periods of 50 and 75 years for woodland / meadowland graves. We do ask you to be aware that the woodland / meadowland burial areas are multi-denominational and is not reserved for a specific religion or belief.

Cemetery Cremated Remains Plots
The Cremated Remains Plots can accommodate up to four Sets of Cremated Remains if the remains are containerised in either a Polytainer or Bronze Urn. Only three Sets of Cremated Remains can be interred if the ashes are placed in a Casket. (The plots can also be Pre-Purchased). The Exclusive Right of Burial for cremated remains is either 50 or 75 years. These plots can be pre-purchased in any of the Cemeteries the authority controls. (Doncaster Old Cemetery currently does not offer these types of plots).

Existing Plots

Further interments within the plots can be arranged, but only with the authorisation of the person who holds the Exclusive Right of Burial.

Burials into a Grave (New or Existing)
Cremated remains can be interred or scattered within or upon a grave space. Again you will need permission of the Authority, relevant documentation must be completed.

The person who holds the Exclusive Right of Burial for the grave must grant permission.

Memorial Information
You have the right to place a memorial on your grave or plot. However, this must be within the constraints of cemetery regulations. Alternatively you can leave the grave unmarked.

You have the right and responsibility to maintain the memorial upon the grave during the period of grave rights granted to you, or any extension made to this period. The memorial cannot be disturbed or moved during this period, without your permission, unless it poses a safety hazard. The safe erection and maintenance of the memorial is your responsibility during the period of the rights. However, the Council reserves the right to re-fix, move, line-up or otherwise alter the position of any memorial in a cemetery as they may require.

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