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Housing Benefit and Local Council Tax Support

Help with rent and Council Tax

You may be entitled to Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support if:

  • you are on Income Support, Jobseekers Allowance, Employment & Support Allowance or Pension Credit, or generally on a low income; and
  • you do not have more than £16,000 in savings (but if you receive Pension Credit Guarantee, you may still be entitled to help); and 
  • you have to pay rent and/or Council Tax for your home. 

If you have reached state pension age, you can claim Second Adult Rebate to help with your Council Tax. This is based on the circumstances of other adults who live with you.

Use the Calculator below to find out how much Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support you could get.

How much can I get (Calculator)

Alternatively, go straight to our online form to apply.

Apply for Housing Benefit and Local Council Tax Support

If you have already partially completed a form and are coming back to finish the application, please visit the link below and re-enter your ten character unique code to retrieve your application.

Go back to a partially completed application

If you need help to complete the online application form, call into the Council's Civic Office in Waterdale, Doncaster or any Customer Service Centre or St Leger Homes Area Housing Office. 

If you are unable to apply online, for example, if you need help but are housebound, contact the Benefits helpline on 01302 735336 and ask for an application form to be sent to you.

You can find more information about Housing Benefit and Local Council Tax Support by using the links in the column to the left of this page.   

Reporting changes in your circumstances

Your Housing Benefit and Local Council Tax Support will be based on the information you provide when you make your claim. You must tell us about any changes in your circumstances.

You can complete the Change in Circumstances form attached to this page to tell us about any changes. You will need to print the form and sign it before sending the paper copy to us. If you prefer, you can phone us to report a change on 01302 735336 or write to us at the address at the top of the page.

Other Benefits you may be entitled to

The 'Benefits Adviser' calculator on the GOV.UK website can provide you with information and entitlement advice for up to 28 benefits, pensions and credits. Please use the web link above to access the calculator.

The benefits of working

Going back to work doesn't mean giving up all your benefits. Find out more on 'The Benefits of Working' page.

Free School Meals

To claim free school meals you can complete an application online.

The online application and more information about free school meals, including the qualifying rules, can be found on the Free School Meals page.  

Privacy Notice

Doncaster Council will use the information we hold about you to process your claim for Housing Benefit and Local Council Tax Support.

We may pass the information to other agencies or organisations such as the Department for Work and Pensions or HM Revenues and Customs, as allowed by law.

Under the Welfare Reform Act 2012, we can share information we hold about you with other Council departments and other relevant service providers such as St Leger Homes of Doncaster for the following purposes:

  • To ensure any benefits you receive are adjusted if you go into or come out of hospital or residential care or you need overnight care in your own home; 

  • To ensure you receive other relevant social security benefits and welfare services including the provision of accommodation, care, support, assistance including a grant or loan for the provision of goods or services, advice or counselling.
    The Welfare Reform Act 2012 also specifically allows us to share information with Council departments dealing with households eligible for support under the Stronger Families Programme, and with St Leger Homes of Doncaster and other social landlords such as Housing Associations for tenants affected by the under-occupation deduction.

We may check information you have provided, or information about you that someone else has provided, with other information held by us.

We may also get information about you from certain third parties, or give them information to:

  • Prevent or detect crime;

  • Protect public funds; and

  • Make sure the information is correct.

These third parties include government departments, local authorities and private-sector companies such as banks, organisations that may lend you money and companies that assist us in fraud detection and prevention such as Credit Reference Agencies.

We will not give information about you to anyone else, or use information about you for other purposes, unless the law allows us to.

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