Gypsy and Traveller Review Details

TRN K0985
Date Decision to be Made 04/07/2012 (View Decision History)
Decision Report View the decision report for Gypsy and Traveller Review
Decision Record View the decision record for Gypsy and Traveller Review
Decision to be taken Gypsy and Traveller Review
Wards affected Adwick and Carcroft, Thorne & Moorends, Torne Valley
Decision to be taken by Cabinet
Final date for submission of representations 31/01/2011  Housing Options Manager, Tel: 01302 862070
Principal consultees SSSC O&S Panel, Housing Task Group, Members of Council, Key Partners and Stakeholders and the Gypsy & Traveller Community
Documents to be considered by decision maker none
Reason for exemptionNot Exempt
Decision made YES


(1) agree the findings of the Gypsy and Traveller (G&T) accommodation needs' assessment and the strategy to meet those needs; and

(2) note the progress of the refurbishment scheme at the Gibbons Lane site and the extension scheme at Land's End site to help address unmet Gypsy and Traveller accommodation needs following a successful bid to the HCA for 1.44m external funding (subject to specific scheme approval once HCA contract is received).

(3) more consultation is undertaken with communities on the proposed options for the Gibbons Lane and Lands End sites. Also, a cost/benefit analysis is undertaken for both sites, including the potential for selling Gibbons Lane.

(4) discussions are undertaken with the Homes and Communities Agency regarding the opportunity to transfer funding from Gibbons Lane to another site.

(5) that the recommendations, following consultation and the cost/benefit analysis, be brought back to Cabinet for a decision as soon as possible to enable compliance with the HCA's timelines.