Be the main forum for political debate and receive questions from members of the public on notice and from Elected Members holding the Executive to account.

Adopt and amend the Constitution, elect the Chair and Vice-Chair ofCouncil and agree and/or amend the Terms of Reference for Committees and Sub-Committees and determine their composition.

Approve the Budget & Policy Framework and consider any Executive Function decisions taken which appear to be contrary to the Framework.

Paul WrayChairLabour Party
David NevettVice ChairLabour Party
Nick AllenConservative Party
Nigel BallLabour Party
Iris BeechLabour Party
Joe BlackhamLabour Party
Rachael BlakeLabour Party
Elsie ButlerLabour Party
Bev ChapmanMexborough First
Phil ColeLabour Party
John CookeIndependent
Tony CordenLabour Party
Jane CoxConservative Party
Steve CoxConservative Party
Jessie CredlandUK Independence Party (UKIP)
Linda CurranLabour Party
George DerxLabour Party
Susan Jane DurantLabour Party
Nuala FennellyLabour Party
Neil GethinLabour Party
Sean GibbonsMexborough First
Pat HaithLabour Party
James Vincent HartConservative Party
John HealyLabour Party
Rachel HodsonLabour Party
Charlie HogarthLabour Party
Sandra HollandLabour Party
Mark HoulbrookLabour Party
Eva HughesLabour Party
Alan JonesLabour Party
Glyn JonesLabour Party
R. Allan JonesConservative Party
Ros JonesLabour Party
Ken KeeganLabour Party
Majid KhanLabour Party
Jane KiddLabour Party
Ted KitchenLabour Party
Pat KnightLabour Party
Sue KnowlesLabour Party
Chris McGuinnessLabour Party
Sue McGuinnessLabour Party
John McHaleLabour Party
Bill MordueLabour Party
John MounseyLabour Party
Jane NightingaleLabour Party
Andy PickeringMexborough First
Cynthia RansomeConservative Party
Tony RevillLabour Party
Kevin RodgersLabour Party
Craig SahmanLabour Party
Dave ShawLabour Party
Alan SmithConservative Party
Clive StoneUK Independence Party (UKIP)
Austen WhiteLabour Party
Sue WilkinsonLabour Party
Jonathan WoodConservative Party

There are currently no co-opted members for Council.

22/05/2015Mansion House
03/03/2015Civic Office Chamber
15/01/2015Civic Office Chamber
27/11/2014Civic Office Chamber
25/09/2014Civic Office Chamber
31/07/2014Civic Office Chamber
13/06/2014Civic Office Chamber
13/06/2014Mansion House
06/03/2014Civic Office Chamber
20/02/2014Civic Office Chamber
30/01/2014Civic Office Chamber
28/11/2013Civic Office Chamber
26/09/2013Civic Office Chamber
25/07/2013Civic Office Chamber
24/05/2013Civic Office Chamber
07/03/2013Civic Office Chamber
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17/01/2013Civic Office Chamber
16/01/2013Civic Office Chamber
06/12/2012Mansion House
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20/05/2002Mansion House