The Cabinet

The Mayor is responsible for the discharge of all Executive functions. Within her Scheme of Delegation the Mayor has delegated to Cabinet the determination of all matters of a strategic, policy and masterplanning nature or any matter having a significant or corporate impact.

Ros Jones Budget and Policy Framework
Chair view decisions Labour Party 
Glyn Jones (Deputy Mayor)Corporate Services, Equalities and Cohesion
Vice Chair view decisions Labour Party 
Joe Blackham Community Safety and Neighbourhoods
view archive decisions Labour Party 
Tony Corden Support to Lead Member for Children's Services with a focus on Safeguarding
view archive decisions Labour Party 
Nuala Fennelly Lead Member for Children's Services
view archive decisions Labour Party 
Bob Johnson Regeneration & Growth, Leisure & Tourism, Veteran's Champion
view archive decisions Labour Party 
Pat Knight Health and Adult Social Care
view archive decisions Labour Party 
Christine Mills Housing, Environment and Waste
view archive decisions Labour Party 
Bill Mordue Highways and Transportation
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23/07/2014Civic Office Room 7a & 7b
25/06/2014Civic Office Room 7a & 7b
02/04/2014Civic Office Room 7a & 7b
19/03/2014Civic Office Room 7a & 7b
05/03/2014Civic Office Room 7a & 7b
19/02/2014Civic Office Room 7a & 7b
05/02/2014Civic Office Room 7a & 7b
22/01/2014Civic Office Room 7a & 7b
08/01/2014Civic Office Room 7a & 7b
18/12/2013Civic Office Chamber
04/12/2013Civic Office Room 7a & 7b
20/11/2013Civic Office Room 7a & 7b
06/11/2013Civic Office Room 7a & 7b
16/10/2013Civic Office Room 7a & 7b
02/10/2013Civic Office Room 7a & 7b
18/09/2013Civic Office Room 7a & 7b
04/09/2013Civic Office Room 7a & 7b
07/08/2013Civic Office Room 7a
17/07/2013Civic Office Room 7a & 7b
05/07/2013Civic Office Room 7a & 7b
19/06/2013Civic Office Room 7a & 7b
22/05/2013Civic Office Room 8
24/04/2013Civic Office Room 7a & 7b
10/04/2013Civic Office Room 7a & 7b
27/03/2013Civic Office Room 7a & 7b
13/03/2013Civic Office Room 7a & 7b
27/02/2013Civic Office Room 7a & 7b
13/02/2013Civic Office Room 7a & 7b
06/02/2013Civic Office Room 7a & 7b
30/01/2013Civic Office Room 7a & 7b
19/12/2012Mansion House
05/12/2012Mansion House
21/11/2012Mansion House
07/11/2012Mansion House
24/10/2012Mansion House
10/10/2012Mansion House
26/09/2012Mansion House
29/08/2012Mansion House
15/08/2012Mansion House
01/08/2012Mansion House
18/07/2012Mansion House
04/07/2012Mansion House
20/06/2012Mansion House
23/05/2012Mansion House
09/05/2012Mansion House
25/04/2012Mansion House
28/03/2012Mansion House
27/03/2012Mansion House
14/03/2012Mansion House
29/02/2012Mansion House
15/02/2012Mansion House
01/02/2012Mansion House
18/01/2012Mansion House
21/12/2011Mansion House
07/12/2011Mansion House
23/11/2011Mansion House
09/11/2011Mansion House
26/10/2011Mansion House
12/10/2011Mansion House
14/09/2011Mansion House
31/08/2011Mansion House
17/08/2011Mansion House
20/07/2011Mansion House
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22/06/2011Mansion House
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25/05/2011Mansion House
13/04/2011Mansion House
23/03/2011Mansion House
02/03/2011Mansion House
16/02/2011Mansion House
04/02/2011Mansion House
02/02/2011Mansion House
12/01/2011Mansion House
08/12/2010Mansion House
24/11/2010Mansion House
03/11/2010Mansion House
27/10/2010Mansion House
06/10/2010Mansion House
01/09/2010Mansion House
11/08/2010Mansion House
21/07/2010Mansion House
14/07/2010Mansion House
16/06/2010Mansion House
02/06/2010Mansion House
14/05/2010Mansion House
23/04/2010Mansion House
17/03/2010Mansion House
05/03/2010Mansion House
03/03/2010Mansion House
10/02/2010Mansion House
27/01/2010Mansion House
18/01/2010Council House
13/01/2010Mansion House
09/12/2009Mansion House
25/11/2009Mansion House
04/11/2009Mansion House
14/10/2009Mansion House
23/09/2009Mansion House
02/09/2009Mansion House
15/07/2009Mansion House
15/04/2009Mansion House
01/04/2009Mansion House
25/03/2009Mansion House
04/03/2009Mansion House
18/02/2009Mansion House
04/02/2009Mansion House
14/01/2009Mansion House
10/12/2008Mansion House
26/11/2008Mansion House
05/11/2008Mansion House
01/10/2008Mansion House
10/09/2008Mansion House
03/09/2008Mansion House
09/07/2008Mansion House
28/05/2008Mansion House
14/05/2008Mansion House
05/03/2008Mansion House
20/02/2008Mansion House
13/02/2008Mansion House
06/02/2008Mansion House
16/01/2008Mansion House
12/12/2007Mansion House
28/11/2007Mansion House
08/10/2007Mansion House
03/10/2007Mansion House
26/09/2007Mansion House
19/09/2007Mansion House
18/07/2007Mansion House
20/06/2007Mansion House
09/03/2007Mansion House
07/03/2007Mansion House
21/02/2007Mansion House
07/02/2007Mansion House
10/01/2007Mansion House
13/12/2006Mansion House
06/12/2006Mansion House
29/11/2006Mansion House
01/11/2006Mansion House
04/10/2006Mansion House
20/09/2006Mansion House
12/07/2006Mansion House
21/06/2006Mansion House
07/06/2006Mansion House
08/03/2006Mansion House
22/02/2006Mansion House
08/02/2006Mansion House
25/01/2006Mansion House
11/01/2006Mansion House
14/12/2005Mansion House
30/11/2005Mansion House
21/10/2005Mansion House
05/10/2005Mansion House
19/08/2005Mansion House
27/07/2005Mansion House
29/06/2005Mansion House
01/06/2005Mansion House
24/03/2005Mansion House
09/03/2005Mansion House
23/02/2005Mansion House
09/02/2005Mansion House
12/01/2005Mansion House
01/12/2004Mansion House
03/11/2004Mansion House
08/09/2004Mansion House
05/08/2004Mansion House
14/07/2004Mansion House
19/05/2004Mansion House
21/04/2004Mansion House
24/03/2004Mansion House
10/03/2004Mansion House
25/02/2004Mansion House
11/02/2004Mansion House
28/01/2004Mansion House
14/01/2004Mansion House
10/12/2003Mansion House
03/12/2003Mansion House
26/11/2003Mansion House
12/11/2003Mansion House
29/10/2003Mansion House
08/10/2003Mansion House
17/09/2003Mansion House
03/09/2003Mansion House
23/07/2003Mansion House
09/07/2003Mansion House
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11/06/2003Mansion House
28/05/2003Mansion House
23/04/2003Mansion House
09/04/2003Mansion House
26/03/2003Mansion House
12/03/2003Mansion House
26/02/2003Mansion House
12/02/2003Mansion House
29/01/2003Mansion House
15/01/2003Mansion House
11/12/2002Mansion House
27/11/2002Mansion House
13/11/2002Mansion House
30/10/2002Mansion House
16/10/2002Mansion House
02/10/2002Mansion House
18/09/2002Mansion House
04/09/2002Mansion House
07/08/2002Mansion House
24/07/2002Mansion House
10/07/2002Mansion House
26/06/2002Mansion House
12/06/2002Mansion House
29/05/2002Mansion House