Report sets out suggested future for Hatfield Colliery headstocks

Bonsers Restoration who are structural specialists have compiled a detailed technical report into the condition of the two headstocks at Hatfield Colliery.

The report has found that it will cost in the region of £4 million to repair and restore both headstocks to their former glory.

The headstocks were left to decay by their former owner, Hatfield Colliery Partnership Ltd. Doncaster Council is not the landowner, but still has spent more than £500,000 since the mine was closed to keep the site safe and deter trespassers and thieves from illegally entering the site.

Both of the headstocks have been granted listed status as it was believed that they had a rare internal lattice structure. The survey has confirmed this is not the case and is of a more common structure. Discussions are now taking place between the council and Historic England to discuss the report’s findings and next steps.

Peter Dale, Director of Regeneration and Environment at Doncaster Council, said:

“We understand the historical significance of the Hatfield Colliery headstocks but as a council, we have a duty to look after our residents and do the right thing to protect them.

“We have shared the specialists’ report with the local action group as well as Historic England. We are now working to come to a mutually agreeable decision on the future of the headstocks. 

“Once a final decision has been made about the future of the headstocks, Mayor Ros Jones is clear that we must celebrate and recognise the town’s proud mining heritage.”

The council is currently using its powers under the Building Act 1984 to make the site safe and will continue to do so until a final decision has been reached.

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Last updated: 06 July 2018 09:57:20