Recycling and waste update - 7th March

The new recycling and waste contract is under way now, and there have been some teething problems on the first day of collections.

Our contractor SUEZ has released the following statement to explain the reason for any delays you might have experienced:

“After delivering blue recycling bins to homes across the borough, Doncaster’s new recycling and waste service officially began yesterday (Tuesday 6th March).

While this is an exciting development for residents in the borough, with such a level of change it can inevitably cause delays. With the introduction of new IT systems, new collection routes and new vehicles – alongside the disruption caused by last week’s extreme weather – there have unfortunately been some minor delays in collecting everybody’s waste.

In total, yesterday SUEZ completed 47,071 of the 50,490 scheduled household collections, alongside collecting extra side waste from properties who were affected by last week’s snow.

To ensure that we collect everybody’s waste as quickly as possible and come back in line with our collection calendar, we have deployed additional crews across the borough.

We are working hard to ensure that the work is completed as quickly and safely as possible and we will keep colleagues updated.”

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Last updated: 07 March 2018 15:15:16