HS2 Announcement by Mayor Ros Jones

I would not normally comment on rumours of a Government announcement but, like me, many of you will have seen or heard the BBC reports on HS2 this morning.

The reports indicate that a decision on the route for HS2 in South Yorkshire will be made on Monday, and that it is likely to agree the new M18 route, which we are all so opposed to.


Residents will no doubt be up in arms to hear these rumours through the media. They are entitled to be and I am not happy about it either. It is deeply disrespectful to them.


We will wait to learn what that announcement says, if indeed it is made.


However, if it is true that the Government intends to proceed with the M18 route – and as reported this morning, the vast weight of the consultation responses opposed this route - then my view is that it would be little short of outrageous.


To go against such strong public opinion and the available evidence, would simply demonstrate that this is a government for the few, not the many.


We will wait until Monday to hear full details of the announcement, if it is made, and I will say more about it at that point.


I will of course also endeavour to keep Councillors informed.

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Last updated: 13 July 2017 19:04:51