Devolution Community Poll Set to Go Ahead

  Local people will be asked for their views on the right deal on devolution for Doncaster.

A community poll will be held in December. It will ask every voter in Doncaster to say which devolution proposal they would prefer Doncaster to pursue. The choices are wider Yorkshire or Sheffield City Region devolution.

Deputy Mayor, Councillor Glyn Jones, said:

“The purpose of this poll is to get a clear view from local people. We want to know if Doncaster people would prefer a devolution deal with a wider Yorkshire agreement or the Sheffield City region. Whichever devolution deal is chosen will have a huge impact on Doncaster’s future so we feel it is vitally important to get a complete view of the community in going forward.

“Now is the time for people to have their voice heard and help shape Doncaster’s future devolution path. This is a big question and we want to hear as many voices a possible. The poll will be made as easy as possible to participate in – either online or via post. I hope Doncaster people will take the time to help determine our borough’s devolution direction which will affect generations to come.”

A recent business poll by the Doncaster Chamber of Commerce resulted in 70 per cent of those who responded saying they would prefer a county wide devolution deal. Other supporters of a wider Yorkshire deal include the CBI, Institute of Directors, the TUC and Doncaster’s three MPs.

Barnsley Council has also voted to hold their own Community Poll and will be asking their residents which devolution agreement they would prefer to be part of.

This poll was unanimously agreed by Doncaster’s Full Council today. The poll results are not legally binding, but the council will do its best to respect the outcome and make sure that the devolution deal that Doncaster votes for is achieved.

Every voter in Doncaster will receive a voting pack in the first week of December. The pack will give information about both options. People can vote online or by post. Polls will close on 20 December. Results will be announced on 21 December.

All information about the Community Poll and how to vote is available online at along with a series of questions and answers.

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Last updated: 09 November 2017 15:15:14